University Institute of Technology, Fotso Victor, Bandjoun


An institution of Prestige

Bandjoun –SIC/UDs-18/12/17. The platform for excellence in the KoungKhi division of the West region harbours the University institute of Technology Fotso Victor one of the eight branches of the University of Dschang. The institute constructed in 1987 by the renowned founder and donator, business mogul Fotso Victor was handed over to the State in 1992. It was later transformed to the University Institute of Technology Fotso Victor of Bandjoun. It has a total of over 3400 students, 52 lecturers, 102 part-time staff, 49 non teaching staff and 10 security workers. It has witness a tremendous increase in the admission population over the years.  UIT/FV boasts of over 35 % of undergraduate students, 10 % auto employed 9 % of PhD students with 6 % of foreigners in its institution. The citadel of knowledge has the vision of developing an inserting professionalization, structuring research for development and assuring the quality of students and staff welfare.  On an academic base, it offers technical diplomas and professional degree programmes. For the Diploma courses, it offers programmes in Computer engineering, electrical engineering with options in electronics and electro-techniques, Telecommunication and network engineering, industrial maintenance, environmental and thermal engineering automobile mechatronics. UIT/FV offers Professional degrees in Accounting and financial management, Organization management, Operational market management, Banking management and Customer relations among others professional courses.

 The institution is proud of a host of laboratories such as the electro-technical and electronics lab, telecommunication and network lab, automobile mechatronics and geomatics engineering lab. Nonetheless it has 2 research laboratories internationally recognized: LISIE (Laboratory of industrial system and environment and LAIA (Automatic and industrial application laboratory) and these laboratories function under different working teams .This center of technology, also has a programme for capacity building for enterprises and are ready to provide their technical competence  adaptable to the needs of an enterprise. The professional certificates of this institution are internationally recognized currently the Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Information Technology Essentials are ongoing. UIT/FV remains a technological hub of excellence in the country.

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