Solemn re-opening of the 2018/2019 academic year


“For this year, we are hoping for the same or better results” VC states

Dschang,UDs/SIC-09/11/18.With the banner message tagged From Conception to the collective realization of performance objectives; a new academic dawn was announced .The spirit of collective dynamics echoed strongly during the symbolic and colorful solemn re-opening of the 2018/2019 academic year at the University of Dschang. To this effect, the initiator, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso in a brief chat with media officials after the 4th edition of the ceremony highlights events that marked the last academic year and  projects on the prospects of the present academic year. Here are excerpts of his interview

We have just organized the solemn reopening and we tried to present a balance sheet between what was achieved last year and what is presently projected. We observed carefully that there was a slight drop in the number of our students, probably due to the on -going crisis in our two beloved North West and South West regions of the country. As such, we do hope that the Head of State will solve the problem soonest. We also attest to the fact that, last year, we did organize several conferences and colloquia and also launched the building of our new Post Graduate School which is of prime importance to us. It is worth noting that this project is undertaken without any support from the University funds but rather from our foundation (organizations and individual donors) who gave their money to help our institution grow further…

We also succeeded in helping our students to defend 109 PhD theses last academic year, even though our capacity of training those students needs to be upgraded. We are obviously, very proud on the results obtained last academic year…

Our Faculties and Institutions are very happy and express gratitude to the Head of State for the creation of the newest faculty; The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences which effectively kicked-off with its first batch of students already now in their second year. So today, our University is amongst those Universities in the country that also train students in health and life sciences. Thus, we can immensely testify that last year we tried to attain our objectives and as such maintained our ranking of being the 1st University in Cameroon and in Central Africa .For this year; we are hoping to do same or achieve better results.

As concerns the forth-coming University games scheduled for Dschang, we have submitted a detailed document to the Minister of Higher Education who is always very attentive to the needs of the universities. In that document we outlined that the games will be hosted by UDs and we wish to go ahead, with the permission of the Minister, to give this edition an innovative aura. You know the University of Dschang is the most national of Universities in the Country; we have 9 campuses in 6 of the ten regions of the country. We have made proposals to the minister to host the games at least in our Campuses of the West region; Dschang, Foumban and Bandjoun. We are hoping that with such a hosting, stronger sense of belonging will be established between all the sons and daughters of Cameroon who are in the region irrespective of their origins so that the spirit of living together will triumph./-Transcribed by PN

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