Forestry Seminar


Prof BITOM launches seminar

Dschang UDs/SIC-05/04/18.During the launching ceremony of the seminar during the forestry week, the Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences, Prof Bitom Dieudonné stated that the hosting of such a seminar was timely given the irregularities in the exploitation of Cameroon’s forests.  He underscored the effects of such heinous acts with negative repercussions on the environment, the population and the economy. The dean highlighted that   the forestry sector was vital to the Cameroonian economy as it constitutes over 4% of GIP with exception of petrol. The exportation of forestry products represent about 30% of national non petroleum exports. To this effect, it has relatively contributed to the employment and revenue rates significantly. Despite this potential, the natural riches that represent the forest are not always exploited following the stated laws and national regulations the dean stated. Prof Bitom used the  platform to indicated that the seminar will help ameliorate the transparency in forestry governance in Cameroon.

The academic don gave a brief history of the APV FLEGT and its evolution in Cameroon .He highlighted the questions on its evolution in 2018 such as the operational system for the issuance of FLEGT , and those who are to look for ways to remedy and assure the efficiency of the FLEGT authorizations.Prof Bitom assured participants that results from reflections and exchange session alongside a host of communications will cement the platform for fruitful recommendations at the end of the seminar. He concluded by thanking the organizers and partners for their immense contribution to scientific development. After the launching ceremony an inaugural lesson was presented by Prof BOBO Kadiri Serge on Forestry Governance and the APV FLEGT: What evolutions in the Cameroon context? This was followed by different communications and exchange session to close  day one of the seminar.

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