Forestry Week


 Seminar on ameliorating Forestry Governance in Cameroon

Dschang SIC/UDs-05/04/18. A two day seminar was organized within the framework of the Forestry week of the Department of Forestry of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of UDs. This seminar slated from the 5th to the 6th of April 2018 brings together over 25 experts and actors in the field of water, wood and environment alongside participants from related fields. The university auditorium that hosted this platform which is aimed at illustrating the challenges of the implementation of the APV-FLEGT, presenting the initiatives put in place by different actors to reinforce forestry governance in Cameroon, and to brainstorm on the technical, political and regulatory actions to reinforce forestry governance and the APV-FLEGT in Cameroon. It is worth noting that APV-FLEGT, the Action Plan on the Application of forest regulations, governance and trade (FLEGT), adopted in 2003, is the response to the problem of exploiting illegal logging of the forest and trade. The Voluntary Partnership Agreement FLEGT (APV) on its part is an international bilateral agreement between the European Union whose aim is to improve forest governance of a country and to make sure that the wood imported into the European Union fills all regulatory requirements. The results expected after this exchange session with experts will surely improve on the forestry governance process through a contribution note on the reinforcement of the APV-FLEGT in Cameroon.

During the launching ceremony, the representative of the forestry student family, Angong Onana kevin highlighted the socio-cultural and academic advantage the seminar had to participants especially the students. He stated that such a platform will help ponder on inclusive solutions to the APV FLEGT. He equally appreciated the financial, intellectual and logical support from partners. During the occasion, a member of the FODER civil society, Kamga Justin in charge of programmes, appreciated associating with the 2-day seminar. He underscored that the crop of researchers, experts and engineering will valuably exchange on issues on environment, resources and sustainable development. The FODER civil society during the seminar is expected to present a host of communications on; the civil society and the negotiations process and implementation of the APV FLEG in Cameroon, APV-FEGT and the promotion of forestry governance, transparency, coordination inter sectorial and efficiency of the APV FLEGT  .

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