Dschang – Cologne

Cologne-Prof Bollig

Cologne - Prof Bollig

‘The more interest we have… with the University of Dschang’

Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig, Associate Vice-Rector and Vice Director of the Global South Studies Centre/ […] The University of Cologne proudly define Global South issues as one of the key challenges of humanity in its successful application for the award of an excellency status in 2012 […] It is currently one of our key concerns to turn partnership based on personal engagement of individual professors into contract based MoUs. Currently we have a very limited number of key-partners on the African continent […] Exchanges with these universities usually engage two or three faculties. There is then a good number of universities with whom we have close but usually based on joined long term research projects (e.g. with EU funding, DAAD or DFG funding). Such projects require a solid contractual base. The University of the Western Cape in South Africa, the University of Namibia in Windhoek, the University of Nairobi in Eastern Africa are examples. There is a great number of African universities with whom contacts are close but mainly based on personal ties of individual researchers and occasional exchanges of students. Generally speaking, our contacts to southern and eastern Africa are closer than they are to western and central Africa. The more interest we have now in exploring options to deepen or partnership with the University of Dschang.

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