Summer school, University of Cologne


Cologne - Filomain Nguemo

‘I hope the programme will bring tangible benefits to your future research work’

Dr. Filomain Nguemo, Faculté de medicine, UoC/  […] One of my most unforgettable moments is when the MoU between the University of Dschang and the University of Cologne was signed […] Whatever our beliefs, regardless of our geographical, cultural differences and the ways of seeing and doing to which they lead us, it seems to me that we have a collective responsibility to not only show but teach others what we know, this in the way that others will better known and better use what we teach them for our satisfaction. Because ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’, said famously and rightly Nelson Mandela […] Dear participants, you have the opportunity over the next two weeks to learn a lot from prominent academic speakers. I am sure that the programme will prove interesting and I hope will bring tangible benefits to your future research work.

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