Summer school, University of Cologne

Cologne-Prof ManuelaGunter

Cologne - Prof Manuela Gunter

‘I believe in a very long-lasting and flourishing cooperation’

Prof. Dr. Manuela Günter, Vice-Rector for Gender Equality and Diversity/ […] It is my great pleasure to welcome to the University of Cologne and to the Summer School on Stem Cells and Animal Research. I am very happy and proud to open this summer school for several reasons. Firstly, because this is the project of the University of Dschang and the University of Cologne since the cooperation contract was signed in September 2015. Ten students from both universities each were carefully selected to participate and exchange their knowledge, not only about stem cells but also about each other’s culture […] Moreover, this summer school is accompanied by a delegation visit from the University of Dschang […]I believe that the timed combination of summer school and delegation visit is very unique, as it combines the activities of several status groups – students, Professors and University leaders – who all contribute in their very own and personal ways to the one aim of making the scientific cooperation  between University of Dschang and University of Cologne a very long-lasting and flourishing one.

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