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Quality Assurance guaranteed at LEA                          

Dschang.UDs/SIC-05/03/18. The Department of Foreign and Applied languages of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences of the University are assuring the quality of lectures offered to students of the department through the German Exchange Academic Service Programme (DAAD).This cooperation tie is paying off as Prof .Stephan Wolting of the University of Pozuan Adam Mickiewicz, a visiting lecturer  through the DAAD programme offers two principal courses; literature and knowledge,  inter-culturality and memory study  in the department of Foreign and Applied languages. These courses will improve on the students communication pattern, “there are benefits in the field of cross cultural and Trans-cultural communication” Prof Stephan stated.  It is worth noting that in the field of cross communicatio, the DAAD and the University of Dschang have a strong combined platform especially with the collaboration of Prof Albert Gouaffo; “Prof Gouaffo is one of the best specialist and researcher in my field and all over the world”, the visiting lecturer highlighted. The need to offer inter culturality and memory study course to the students of the department is geared towards accelerating their knowledge of culture from the German and Polish perspective to see the similarities and differences between the African culture  and the  Cameroonian culture in particular.

 The students on their part have showed signs of the mastery of the African culture as such has made it easy for Prof Stephan to diffuse his know how to them, “I am quite fascinated with the students because they are coping perfectly well with the lectures being offered. They are gifted and ambitious, they master the knowledge of the language and I think we have to further the cooperation so as the give the students the opportunity to go abroad especially to Germany and Poland. This exchange programme will permit us work on the similarities and the differences of our programmes towards a common project.

The exchange programme ties continue to span through between the University of Dschang and the DAAD  and this platform will not only benefit the university but will focus on enhancing quality of  knowledge of the students of the University as more visiting lecturers are expected at the citadel of learning./

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