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Competitions in the athletics

Maroua, UDs /SIC-05/05/2018. Competitions in the athletics  began today one day behind schedule due to the on going infrastuctural work at the Olympic stadium of kongola.The University of Dschang lined up athletes in short put men and women, 100m men and ladies, 400m men and ladies, 1500m finals men and ladies and high jump men and ladies. At end of the day, UDs did not make it to the podium for Eyango Christian and Dongmo Djeusta came out 5th and 6th respectively in short put men and ladies category. Edjangmoua Mbella during  the 100m ladies came 2nd to qualify for the final but during the finals she came 5th, two steps away from the podium. Dempowo Valoche after the 2nd position during the 400m men at the finals finished 12th position while in the ladies  category, Tsopze VIANY qualified for the finals that will take place tomorrow. Nonetheless, the competition is on and we look forward to catch up as concerns the athletics squad. DT

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