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The road to infrastructural development

Dschang, UDs/SIC-23/07/18.The 23rd July 2018 will remain in the annals of the University of Dschang in its strides to upgrade its infrastructural milieu. UDs, representing the State mapped out strategies of a Public –Private partnership with Greeno Investment group INC represented by Mr France Corbeil and University Residence Corporation Cameroon represented by its Director General, Dr Achidi Ngundam under the watchful eyes of representatives of some State ministries. The aim of this partnership is for the construction project of a 10,000 bed capacity hostel, an Amphi theathre and an Agro-business component. During a brief interview with Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, he traced the road and benefits of the possible partnership with Greeno investment and URCC. He stated that on the 7th June 2018, the university met with some private partners who showed interest in increasing the University’s infrastructure. The University seized the opportunity to affirm and confirm its desire for the public –private partnership. The partners were invited to Dschang to map out a formal plan of action to realize the project. Prof Nanfosso highlighted that the Agro business component will help the institution boost its output so as to facilitate the reimbursement process.  The Vice Chancellor highlighted that the university and partners were totally committed to this partnership.
The Close door session between UDs and the partners which lasted for over an hour ended with a tour to the University sites of the Campus C for the University hostels and Amphitheatre as well as the Agric farm in Bansoa for the Agric business component. At the end of the working session four main resolutions were presented; in the domain of regulations, the Greeno investment INC and URCC have to produce a feasibility project on the Cameroon University hall residence housing project (CUSHARP) to be presented to the Minister of Finance. The study has to be holistic in nature with all three components of the University hostels, Amphi theathre and Agric business put in place, management studies will be carried out on the components and reimbursement modalities shall be structured with the partners among others. The weeks ahead will serve as a platform for more discussions on the CUSHARP project to expand the institution’s infrastructural spectrum./

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