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36 research head and assistants installed

Dschang, SIC/UDs-12/04/17. In a bid to restructure and improve the Post Graduate School of the University of Dschang, 36 research unit heads and assistants were officially installed at the University auditorium by the Vice Chancellor of the University at 12.00 noon on Tuesday 12th April 2017. The solemn event which gathered students, staff and members of the Chancellery board witnessed the presentation of the newly appointed staff by the appointment decree read by the Director of Academic Affairs and Cooperation (DAAC), Prof Kabeyene Veronique. After the presentation of the heads, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Tsafack Roger Nanfosso in his installation speech called on the newly appointed staff to be steadfast in enriching the research system of the Post Graduate School. He stated that after the installation ceremony of the scientific coordinators of the post graduate school it was imperative to have heads of the different units of research geared towards improving productivity and scientific prowess. Prof Tsafack enjoined the unit heads to build on their scientific capacity so as to improve on the academic tenets of the University and improve competition and innovation.

He emphasized that the event was a bench mark of the first phase of the reconstruction process of the Post Graduate School created in 2010 and reorganized in 2015. Prof Nanfosso then highlighted that a research center was awaited for the 5 units of research of the Dschang school. The university through its reorganization programme recommended the restructuring, the fusion and mutual use of some laboratories and today 35 laboratories exist at the Post graduate School with the Dschang School of Arts and Social Sciences having 4, Dschang School of Law and Political Sciences 6, Dschang School of Economics and Management 2, Dschang School of Science and Technology 12, and Dschang School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences having 11. The VC made it clear that the reason for the installation ceremony stemmed from the fact that it provides a forum for the newly appointed to be known by their colleagues and students. The occasion was equally an opportunity for those to be installed to envisage the task ahead, build scientific scenario for the production, invention through the processing of original dissertations, articles, and thesis and contribute to the progress of humanity. He assured unit heads of the necessary infrastructural measures put in place to promote scientific development as well as encourage the need for the formulation of projects by the research units at the national and international level./

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