Internal Control and Evaluation in UDs


Prof Mane Mane Jeannot takes over from Prof Edmond Biloa

Dschang,UDs/SIC-28/11/18.Prof Mane Mane Jeannot, joins the University of Dschang as a member of the collective dynamics and will be in charge of Internal Control and Evaluation as he arrives from the University of Douala after his appointment by Presidential decree no 2018/691 of 21st November 2018 . An HDR Lecturer From the University of Louisbourg, Strasbourg I, Doctor in Physics of the University Henri Poincare, Nancy-I, in Science and Materials Engineering, Pr. MANE MANE Jeannot Born August 10, 1962, takes over from Professor Edmond Biloa after having served at the University of Douala as Head of the Division of Industrial Techniques at Advanced School of Technical Training, ENSET since November 2010. He will not only have to continue the work of his predecessor but also set up an action plan that will boost the application of quality assurance and ensure the control and evaluation of the structures and infrastructure of the UDs. Lets recall that beyond his professional experience in more than ten positions of responsibility, Pr Mane Mane Jeannot, Lecturer in Physics, Nuclear Physics and Corpuscle, and Physics Theories is a well-known and respected bilingual academician as he is not only the Author of more than twenty articles but also  has authored some physics books.


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