Focus: Vice-Chancellor of Buea- Prof Horace Manga


Radio Campus: Professor HORACE Manga welcome to the University of Dschang few hours to the end of the 22nd edition of the university games, Can we have your appraisal of these games?

Prof Horace: I think the games have been properly organized, very well organized… I can see an improvement compared to the other games that I have had the opportunity to attend and at several levels; first of all the attendance , there is a lot of animation at all sites, I see a huge population … I don’t have statistics but something gives me an impression that we may have huge numbers attending. ..There are a lot of commercial activities taking place, enterprises have been drawn to this game because huge publicity has been made before the games. You know, at the level of material organization it is amazing! The lot of efforts deployed by the institution to ensure that all the athletes and supporters from all the universities are properly taking care of and I think on the whole, it’s quite excellent. … I will talk of an innovation which I see here, the reinforcement of the partnership with enterprises is excellent.

Radio Campus: The University of Buea is counting three gold medals in her harvesting basket. Can you, in a nutshell tell us how you appreciate the performance of your institution?

Prof Horace: We think we have done well compared to the past years, particularly the Maroua games where we had just one gold medal. Well, I can’t remember how many silver or bronze medals we had. This year we have recorded quite a huge progress on the medal table. I congratulate our delegation particularly our athletes because of the context of their preparation. We are coming from an area facing crisis and this has negatively affected the preparation of our athletes. We are sure that if we have a much more serene environment in the next games we are very convinced that we would perform better.

Radio Campus: How do you picture the University games in future?

Prof Horace: I will clearly say that we are inspired by the geographical spread of the games here, that is quite an innovation and that publicity is good. The involvement of the major towns in the region to feel the throb of the games is good as its gives publicity to what University students can produce. The fact that the games are spread to those areas draws attention about all what is happening here in Dschang.

Radio Campus: Thank you very much Professor Horace. We appreciate your contribution.

Prof Horace: Thank you … we leave the games with a lot of satisfaction I think the pleasure is mine.

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