Exceptional UDs Clean Up Day


Ensuring an attractive game environment

 Dschang,UDs/SIC-02/05/19.The University of Dschang for a couple of months now registered in its calendar the 1st Thursday of every month as cleanup day. However, the clean-up campaign brought earlier for the 1st Thursday of the month precisely on the 2nd of May 2019 came as part of the preparations of the University games. In the spirit of collective dynamics, both teaching and non-teaching staff of the University assembled at 7:30 am with working materials tirelessly giving an exceptional face lift as a welcome sign to its sister Universities. Students of some secondary schools in town, in synergy, proudly participated with the Vice- chancellor of the University of Dschang and his staff in this important activity. By the end of the five-hour cleaning session, they succeeded to bid farewell to the dust, pieces of papers, tree branches and weeds. A clean and healthy environment no doubt, is necessary for great success, but for the University of Dschang community, it goes beyond that, serving as a medium to show the harmony and solidarity which exists at the University of Dschang and equally the hand of friendship and form of welcome it extends to their collaborators from other universities./GC


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