Day 2 of the 33rd Edition of the International women’s day


UDs women display creative talents

Dschang UDs/SIC-06/03/18. Day 2 of the cultural week of the International women’s day was marked by a cloud of activities that projected the creativity and splendor of the womenfolk.  In the early hours of the morning, the UDs women ensured their surroundings and offices were tydied up as they embarked on a cleanup campaign. By all roads led to the esplanade of the University auditorium for the gastronomy day which exhibited exquisite dishes from the 10 regions for the country and showcased their prowess in the decorative arts. The public were entertained to a variety of activities such as skin care and hair dressing workshops at moderate prices. The dishes on display at the ceremony included, water fufu and eru,l’okok, sanga, vegetables which could be eaten with ripe plantains or white yams, quansap just to mention a few. Besides these meals, drinks were also available sold at affordable prices to relax atmosphere.Women were educated on pedicure and manicure, choice of jewelry depending on their outfit and makeup.

More also, ladies displayed their talents through different dance steps and interpreted some Cameroonian and foreign songs like, Callée by Daphne, Amour by Sergio Polo, among other breath taking songs. The Vice Chancellor and the University dignitaries were present and witnessed these presentations made by women of the University of Dschang. At the end the women were fulfilled  and their aim met. It was indeed  a success despite the rains that fell at a given moment of the day. Activities continue the next day with programs like workshops on cervical cancer, breast cancer, and family planning which will be presented by DR. KENFACK Bruno, Chief of SMC/UDs; followed by a football and handball game.. /CK


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