2017/2018 Scientific week to kick start


Preparations on top gear

Dschang,UDs/SIC-01/11/17.Following the spirit of collective dynamism, various institutions of the University of Dschang will open their doors beginning from Thursday 2nd to Thursday 9th of November 2017, to members of the university community and the public for the scientific and cultural week.  This week-long activity is meant to display the scientific and cultural potentials and achievements of the university and facilitate the insertion process of new students in university milieu. According to the Director of Student’s Welfare, Mr. Ebendeng Valere, one of the principal objectives of this week is to enable newly enrolled students to have a sense of direction about their various courses, different academic options and attendant career opportunities. It is basically meant to enhance their settling-in process into the university environment, assisting them to integrate in both the academic and cultural life of the university as it puts them into proximity with lecturers through seminars, and senior students who can facilitate their enrolment into various clubs.

The novelty of this second edition according to Mr. Ebendeng, lies in the fact that it is programmed to coincide with activities of CATI2, which is an incubation project for innovation and entrepreneurship.  This innovation is to enhance student’s understanding of the functioning of CATI2, nurse and nurture hope and inspiration for these students, and inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship. He highlights the fact that the organization is well thought out and in the collective dynamic spirit of the university, the various institutions will be exposing completed projects, training potentials and career opportunities making them accessible particularly to new students, members of the university and the public.

The week’s activities include cultural animation every evening. The Faculty of Letters and social sciences will open the manifestations and the Institute of Fine Arts, Foumban will wrap up the animation segment at the end of the scientific week. On schedule, there will be debates on topical issues, scientific seminars and mini-conferences. The director affirms that under the directives of the Vice Chancellor, and with the resounding collective spirit of working together, organizational challenges are kept to the minimum and there is high expectation of a successful event, opened to all members of the university community and the public.

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