133rd edition of the International Labour Day


UDs staff implored to improve on service delivery

Dschang,UDs/SIC-02/05/19. The 711 university non-teaching staff joined the international community on 1st May 2019, to celebrate the 133rd edition of the International Labour day under the theme “workers’ protection: vector of social justice and decent work in Cameroon”. Despite the rainy weather, the non-teaching staff in their pink and blue fabrics spiced the match pass ceremony at the Dschang ceremonial ground to the satisfaction of the public. This edition was unique as the component of the University for the first time displayed with rich embroidery their colourful outfits and marched from the opposite direction as previous ceremonies. After the award of medals to 4 meritorious workers of the institution the next high point was the reception organized for the staff by the Vice-Chancellor at the University Restaurant of Campus A. During a brief thank you message, the delegate of non-teaching staff, Mr. Crovis Djiatsa thanked the VC for all efforts put in place to improve the working and health conditions of the staff and assured him of the total commitment of the workers in the preparation of the 22nd edition of the University games slated for Dschang from the 4th to the 11th May 2019.  The Vice Chancellor Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso on his part highlighted   in his welcome speech the very industrious nature of the institution’s staff “There exists very hard working staff in the university, who one may not easily notice while within the institution.” The head of the institution urged staff to imbibe the spirit of togetherness as he appreciated the presence of the delegation from Nkolbisson, Yaoundé. He called on all to develop their ingenuity and talents while stressing that the 22nd edition of the games was unique. Prof Nanfosso stressed with satisfaction the first time  2 colours of fabrics  were being used for the event, the first university to host the games for the fourth time, the first delocalized games on 3 sites, the 1st campaign  tour ever of the mascot and logo, the first games with an opener ( the Marathon), the first games with a theme selected by the Minister of State that is in line with the vision and mission of the University, the first to have a spectacle an idea validated by the Minister of Higher Education rather than  the usual parade. The event ended with a brief dance session and staffs returned to ensure a successful hosting of the games come May 4th. /


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