University Games, Dschang 2019


The quest for the podium

Dschang, UDs-SIC-20/03/2019. Athletes of the University of Dschang are bracing up to mount the podium during the forth coming university games hosted by the institution. Such an ambition requires muscular reinforcements of varied capacities; ranging from the psyche, the physique and morale, and tactics. UDs’ technical team and the administration are vying to regain the 1st position they had in the first edition of the University Games, which took place in Dschang in 1998 or worst-still the third position they obtained in Buea 2012. To meet up with the 1998 baseline, the athletes are all undergoing physical preparations, which culminated with an external internship. The entire staff is now in the evaluation and selection phase, which is manifested by intensive high level competitions and frequent outings.

The handball team for instance affiliated in the civil handball Championship will play a match against YUC handball club on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 10 o’clock, after which the team will play matches every weekend while doing technical and tactical adjustments within the week days. As for the basketball team, they have been working for the past 2 months intensively; meanwhile most of their players are affiliated to the national championship. Since the championship is finished, the athletes are physically fit, now they are working on the mental and psychological aspects. As concerns the para-olympic team, they have already selected 10 men and 6 women. Given the fact buy soma online mexico that this discipline has a plethora of sub-disciplines, specific trainings are being carried out daily per discipline. In powerlifting for instance, a-3 day muscular reinforcements at the gymnasium has been done. Meanwhile in para-table tennis, they are working on the technical aspects. In para-athletism and aerodynamics, intensive technical training will start in the days ahead. As for the team Judo, they have 2 working sessions daily. Within the semesters, 3 sessions were scheduled per day. Two evaluation sessions have taken one in Edea and the other in Kribi. In Kribi, which was a national competition, the team-judo UDs clinched 1 gold and 1 bronze medal. As for the team football, they are gradually reducing the number of athletes as the endurance and muscular reinforcement continues. A list of footballers selected for the internal internship in both males and female categories will be published in the days ahead.

In general, these ambitions are meted with some challenges, basically linked with course work, materials and the fact that the training session takes place amidst the ongoing infrastructural development. Whatever the case, what is assuring is the fact that the athletes all promised to work within the scope of the Olympic dogma, which states that the most important thing is not to have won but to have participated in the spirit of fair play and team spirit./MRZ

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