University Games 2019



As the 2019 university games unfold at the 3 sites slated for the games, one key aspect of the games worthy of mention is the feeding of the various delegations. The Local organization committee and the catering commission have put all on deck to ensure that this activity is hitch free for effective competitions to take place. 3 teams have been set up to ensure the effective coverage of the Dschang campus while other sub teams have been deployed to Bandjoun and Foumban to coordinate the feeding segment. Accompanied by over 30 volunteers, the commission ensures that meal tickets are distributed on time to the 14 serving posts on Campus. The cooking and delivery of food is done by the university restaurant and selected catering services that are in charge of providing breakfast, lunch and supper from 7-9 am, 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm respectively in rotatory manner to the athletes of different institutions at the different post. It is worth mentioning that the meals include spaghetti, rice and stew, hot pot ( Irish potatoes) ripe plantain and stew just to mention a few. A cross section of athletes from the various universities testify that meals are served on time though they complain of repeated dishes such as spaghetti and rice and more so the quality sometimes falls below standard Nonetheless with an evaluation team on the spot, the commission is poised at ensuring that the catering services meet up with standards put in place by the institution.

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