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“Corporate day” boost its pedigree

Dschang,SIC-UDs/31st/05/19.The University of Dschang through its vibrant and innovative Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso initiated a corporate day through decision No G13/02782/UDS/R/SG/SIC of 16th May 2019 to boast its institutional image and harmonize the spirit of collective dynamics. Slated for every last Friday of the Month, the staff of the University in all the 6 regions of the national territory are to dress in their different university fabric as they carry out their duties. This unique and welcomed idea saw its dawn on the 31st of May 2019 for the 1st edition. A tour of the Main Campus of the University of Dschang was impressive with a majestic display of different university fabric at the different offices. At the Chancellery, the ambience was equally cherished as a plethora of the staff were beautifully dressed in their fabrics. The campuses of the university also respected the day as a majority of support staff were also dressed in the fabrics of UDs of different colours. Mindful of the fact that workers of UDs spends a majority of their weekdays in UDs, it is very normal to set a day aside to show love and recognition of the workspace in which they work. This is certainly the spirit that inspired the Vice Chancellor to institute such a day.  A cross section of  staff share their views on the instituted day For Mr Tiadjio Jonas (Mail service)- La journée instituée par M. le recteur est la bienvenue car à travers cette journée on reconnaît les différents personnels de l’UDs. For Fouahoung Valentine (Mail Service) Cette journée nous permet de valoriser notre institution et renforcer la dynamique collective à l’UDs. While Mrs Vufensih Ngiewih Epse Fru (VREPTIC secretariat) says, this corporate day adds value to our « vivre ensemble » it makes the university staff stand out in all the institutions of the university nationwide. Mrs Eseh Catherine Mesame (General Secretariat) says she has been waiting for such a moment to express her pertinence to UDs through this medium and thus she encourages others to emulate the example of those who respected the day, this is a unique day to showcase the togetherness of all staff of the institution.


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