UDs mentors 4 PIHL as 2019 kicks off


ISMA Douala opens a new chapter

Dschang-UDs-SIC-27/02/2019. Following article 29 of the Law No. 005 of 16 April 2001 guiding Higher Education in Cameroon, both public and private Institutions of Higher Learning(PIHL) are expected to collaborate to ensure state building, via research and development. In this light, out of the 235 private Institutions of Higher Learning authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education, over 40 are mentored by UDs.

The year 2019 is ascertaining to be an outstanding one in the public-private-partnership in the domain of mentoring private institutions, with Institut Supérieur de Management (ISMA) Douala breaking the ice by becoming the first ever private institution of higher learning to offer a research masters. Being the first of its kind under UDs, the proprietor of ISMA Douala, Pr. Bob Ngamoe reassured UDs of their commitment to train top quality managers, during the signing ceremony at the Chancellery’s conference hall today. Hitherto the convention with ISMA was 3 other conventions yesterday 26 February 2019, with the introduction of Institut Supérieur-HINTME of Yaoundé as a new comer, specialized in agricultural sciences, having as proprietor Mr Pascal Tchana. The two other institutions simply extended their scope, to include post graduate courses in their contracts. This includes Institut de Science Agricole et de Gestion d’Obala (ISAGO), with Louis Ndjie as proprietor and Institut Universitaire Evangelique du Cameroun, Bandjoun, with Rev. Dr Jean Blaise Kemmongne as the proprietor. It should be noted that the latter also added two other fields at the bachelor degree level. i.e Biomedical and Energy Engineering./MRZ.

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