UDs gears up to host 2019 games


Presentation of medals

Dschang UDs/SIC-18/05/18. The University of Dschang through the Director of Student’s Welfare, Mr Ebendeng Valere presented the medals and outstanding athletes and coaches during the university games at Maroua. During his very high spirited speech, the Director presented the Olympic flame for the 2019 university games slated for Dschang to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso. Mr Ebendeng stated that  the 300 participants at the games returned with 22 Olympic medals,10 Paralympics medals and 3rd position in carnival display by the Fans club as well as  2nd place at the GETEC competition. The Director encouraged athletes to be affiliated to the civil championship so as to improve on their performance in the next university games .During the ceremony, the Director General of Orange Cameroun pledged to dress the university’s next mascot during the games and offered a palm top to the best UDs athlete of the just concluded games and for the students a live show with the presence of the Cameroon guest star Locko . The athletes game bonuses were paid at the end of the ceremony asthe slogan who am I, am a champion echoed in the minds of the athletes as they prepare to face the challenge of improving in the next games hosted by the University. The ceremony ended with snapshots and a lunch to immortalize the event.


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