UDs 2018/2019 academic year reopens in splendour


New academic year on the Move

Dschang,UDs/SIC-09/11/18.The University of Dschang on the 9th of November 2018 danced to the rhythm of progress and excellence during the official reopening ceremony of the 2018/2019 academic year. Baptized under the theme “Collective Dynamics Year IV, the ceremony presided over by the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso and was attended by administrative, religious, academic and traditional authorities. The re-opening ceremony held at the amphitheatre 1000 was preceded by a procession by the staff of the Directorate of Student’s welfare, Assistant lecturers, Lecturers, Associate professors and Professors dressed in their academic robes. An ecumenical prayer was offered by religious leaders invited. The Mayor of the Dschang municipality represented by Prof. Emile Temgoua, Deputy Mayor offered a welcome address to the visitors and students present during the occasion. He gave a brief historical background of the legendary town of Dschang which was created in 1903 by Germans having only a population of 300 inhabitants by then. Today thanks to the creation of the University of Dschang in 1993 the population is presently 22.000 inhabitants as explained by the Deputy Mayor. Living under the rhythm of intelligentsia, the Mayor called on the youths who form a majority of this population to stand out as worthy representatives of the nation. The floor was then given to Head of the Communication unit, Dr. Foulla Appolinaire, who presented the members of the Chancellery board.

This was followed by the oath-taking ceremony under the guidance of Mr. Ninkeu and Mr. Fomene all coaches from the Directorate of Students’ Welfare ushered in 100 freshmen and 100 for the post graduate students during the oath taking session. The two groups took turns to pledge their loyalty, hard work and to abide to the rules of the institution. The DAAC/UDs, Prof Robert Wanda introduced some emblematic training fields at the University of Dschang, the new PhD holders at the University of Dschang (109) in number and presented the best students of the institution. The inaugural lesson of the occasion presented by the newly promoted Associate Professor, Ngetcham of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences who analyzed literature about Cameroon seeking to bring out traces through which mentalities can be constructed.

VC lauds the efforts of staff

. During the highly eloquence speech and mastery of facts, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso gave details on the 8 governance axis relating to the University of Dschang. Alluding to the traditional re-opening ceremony as decisive, he affirmed that it gives an opportunity for university members to commune together, questions their performance and project their future. Though decrying a drop in the number of lecturers the head of the institution lauded the fact that the female gender had shown interest in the teaching fields as an increase in the number of female teaching staff was attained. Though amidst these hurdles the University of Dschang thrived through an increase in the number of foreign students and post graduate students this year. Heading the most national of the State Universities in Cameroon, Prof Nanfosso revealed the eight pillars of university governance. He encouraged success particularly advocating for better performance at the university games which will be hosted by the University of Dschang. He praised the efforts put in by the University by now becoming landlords of the land on which the Chancellery and University campus are found. Information about feeding, lodging and digital development were not left out; With 516 rooms, 552 beds and 5 VIP apartments .With such insufficient facilities, the University partnered with a foreign company (GREENO INVESTMENT) for the construction of a 10.000 hostel for students. He equally informed that out of the 27403 PB/HEV laptops provided to students by Head of state, 600 out of the 650 having a breakdown had been repaired and given back to students. Under the axis of cooperation; 135 cooperation ties made, 19 effective enterprises implanted by the CATI2 Foundation. With these glaring realizations the VC promised students that teamwork, and hard work in general will always be rewarded. On this he unfolded an increase in the number of 8123 students eligible for the presidential excellence cash award. With great satisfaction Prof Tsafack Nanfosso shared some congratulatory words for the University of Dschang by the Minister of Higher Education. The re-opening ceremony came to a close with a family picture and dinner for students and staff./-GC

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