The 6th edition of the Life Sciences Conference


The Vice Chancellor sets the pace (Opening speech)

Dschang,UDs/SIC-08/08/18. “…Your conference offers participants of various backgrounds, an opportunity to share ideas, theories and methods in the Life Sciences. But while promoting the advancement of Science, you are also addressing important development and social issues. And this is in line with the LMD / BMP philosophy. This time around, you are concerned with the New technologies and multiculturalism,  thereby exploring the link between science, technology and society. 

In fact, the interactions « science-technology (technologies) -society » represents a central issue for contemporary societies. Indeed, since the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century, science and technology are constantly changing our daily lives. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, their development has accelerated, and today nanotechnology, biotechnology, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, gene therapy, drones, robotics, nuclear technology, convergence, biodiversity, etc… are terms that awaken imaginaries; they provoke hopes, fears, or fantasies at the same time. ..”

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