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2016 /2017   1st semester examinations on gear

Dschang, SIC/UDs- 08/02/17. The University of Dschang is set to start its 1st semester examination scheduled from the 13th February 2017; this is in line with the 2016/2017 academic calendar. According to a reminder signed by the Vice Chancellor, all payment of tuition fees are slated to end by the 31st of January 2017 as effective classes were  rounded up by the 4th of February 2017.It is worthy to mention  that results are to be published in all the faculties and institutions of the University on the 5th of March 2017 and the resit examinations are slated from the 13th to 28th of March 2017.A tour  to the various faculties indicated a high level of preparedness as the examinations fast approach.  This level of readiness could be assessed from the coordination meetings for the examination planning, creation and publication of various commissions charged with ensuring the smooth running of the exams, list of invigilators, halls and examination time tables have been published in all the faculties as examination booklets are being distributed to the various faculties by the media center of the University of Dschang. The administration is poised to ensure a smooth examination session so as to meet up with the exigencies of the BMD system.

On the part of the students, tutorials lessons and group revision is the order of the day as they strive to achieve excellence during this examination period. A cross section of students on the campus can be seen in small groups revising their course work together .An exchange session with some of these students show that there are quite prepared for the 1st semester examinations come 13th February 2017. Wabo Dary, a level 3 History student says he is confident as over 95% of course work has been handled by the lecturers and tutorial classes have also ended “I am preparing hard for the examinations, our course work has been completed so I am studying with friends day and night so as to excel in my examinations, I do not wish to fail any of my courses so am putting in my best”

For Sharifatou Amidou, a level 3 Geography student who is to start exams on the 16th February 2017, “we have enough time to prepare and I am doing my best to ensure that I make it. I study day and night to meet up as well as consult the internet and library to improve on myself as I prepare for the examinations. As students we have study groups were we try to assist each other by answering past questions and broadening our knowledge on aspects we do not well master”

While Ignes Flore, a Master 2 student of the Faculty of Law is of a different view as she says “the time is too short for me to catch-up but I am doing my best. The new framework of the Post graduate School ensures that students work really harder. The 8 courses I am to write this first semester are bulky but I will do my best to come out victorious.” Georgette Che, Master I student of the Faculty of letters and Social Sciences says “we have finished our course work we have started even some anticipated second semester courses. Exams will take place after the 1st cycle have finished. All test and exposés have been conducted. There is enough time to prepare for the exams and time to do more research work. With the various faculties and institutions all in gear to kick start the 1st semester examinations the ball is in the court of the students as they are called upon to showcase their brilliance and dedication to their academics by respecting the tenets of examination and up lighting the university’s academic prestige./

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