Orange Cameroun & UDs Partnership Agreement


DG assures total commitment

Dschang UDs/SIC-18/05/18. The Director General of Orange Cameroun, Mr. Frederic DEBORD during the signing of a partnership agreement with the University of Dschang pledged the telecommunication company’s total commitment in fostering digitalization of the University of Dschang. During a brief interview with the communication’s unit, he stated the motive behind the partnership. » For a long time Orange has been working with the UDs, We think that working with Universities is a step forward; we have had an agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education to develop a partnership with all the Universities in the Country. We are most happy to start this partnership here in Dschang with the University of Dschang and we will help the University developing some contacts with some junior enterprises, build up incubator projects and ensure that the students benefit from the Laptops received from the Head of State. There a lot of areas to work in through this partnership in terms of projecting creativity and we hope to bring many more opportunities to the University of Dschang ». Of course the prospects presented by Orange Cameroun will not only digitalize the University environs but work in partnership with the existing development apparatus of the University such as the CATI2 and FONDUDS to build creative and enterprising students in this citadel of knowledge.

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