Dschang, SIC/UDs 23/09/15. The remarkable installation ceremony of the incoming Rector of the University of Dschang, Prof Roger Antione Pépin Tsafack Nanfoso by the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo on the 23rd of September 2015, took place at Amphi 600 of the Campus C of the University of Dschang. The occasion which commenced at 2:00 pm was graced by various State and regional dignitaries, with an electrifying ambiance   provided by numerous traditional dance groups, among other animated presentations. The presence of a marmot crowd at the event echoed applauds as the Mayor of the Dschang Urban Council, Beaudelaire Donfack in his welcome speech extended gratitude and solidarity to the Head of State for his contribution to education and social life. He seized the opportunity to express the wish of the entire community to the Minister for the Department of biomedical science and Pharmacy to be transformed into the Faculty of medicine, and hoped that in the future, a Higher Teacher’s Training College and Reference hospital be created.  He thanked the outgoing Rector and assured that, his deeds will forever be engraved in the minds of the community. Welcoming the new Rector, the Prince, an economist par excellence, he guaranteed him of the complete support from the entire community .The reading of the appointment decree by the Head of the Communication Unit from the Ministry of Higher Education ushered in the presentation of the installation of the new Rector at the helm of affairs.

“Prince of knowledge and competence”


During his eloquent installation speech, the Minister described the incoming Rector, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso as an industrious and committed public servant, “at 51, the new Rector is at his prime stage of creativity” .Prof Fame Ndongo did not hide his praises on the impressive scientific publications of the Rector. He advised him to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps and further brighten the University’s sphere, as it was a venture of continuity rather than rupture nor fracture. The Minister, described the new Rector as an economist at work, an actor of productivity at the helm of an enterprise. The Minister of Higher Education stressed the need to be security conscious during this era of insecurity and exhorted Prof Tsafack Nanfosso to further ensure that the University, its various campuses and antennae were secured. He added that, security was the business of all well-meaning citizens and encouraged all to be proactive and communicate effectively without hesitation viable and authentic information to the appropriate authorities. He concluded by declaring Prof Roger Antione Pépin Tsafack Nanfosso as Rector of the University of Dschang. The occasion was graced by the presence of renowned Prof Bruno Bekolo Ebe, the mentor of the incoming Rector. He was overwhelmed with joy as his student received the highest honour at the University level.

The new Rector,  has a rich academic background; former Vice Rector in Charge of  Internal Audit and Evaluation of the University of Yaoundé II, National Director of the third cycle  programme of inter-universities in economics, Director of DEA of Science Management, Trainer on Economic policies Management programme Financed by the World bank and African Capacity Building Foundation, Director of  the Training programme in Management and Economic Policies for over 12 years among other membership positions he occupies. The Rector will definitely expand the horizons in human, financial, infrastructural management and intensify digital governance, improve the LMD system, consolidate the synergy of the University and the world through partnerships both within and without. His rich academic profile will certainly revitalize the PhD School, ameliorate research, professionalism, training and harmonize the entrepreneurial culture in all the faculties; all geared at achieving excellence.

“A servant never quits the temple of knowledge”


The Minister during the occasion lauded the administrative prowess of the outgoing Rector, Prof Anaclet Fomethe. Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo expressed admiration for Prince Fomethe‘s 10years of dexterity and vigour as the Rector of the University of Dschang. He highlighted that the Professor has been a citadel of innovation and hard work. Stating that although he takes his retirement, his remarkable experience acquired over the years will be of utmost importance to the University as prescribed by the Head of state. Tracing Prof Fomethe’s career profile, he applauded the creation of the Economic Interest Group of the University (GIE) among other laudable projects executed during his tenure.

The event was marked by colourful gifts and bouquet presentations by members of the University community, family, guests among others to both the incoming and outgoing Rectors. After the interview session with an array of media men, the officials were treated to a cocktail at the University Restaurant. A new dawn in the administrative ladder of the University of Dschang has begun for Prof Roger Antione Tsafack Nanfosso. /PN


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