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FLSH sets the pace for 2019

Dschang,UDs/SIC-09/01/19.The University of Dschang through the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences set the pace on February 9th 2019 at the Amphi 1000 through its traditional academic conferences initiated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Tsafack Nanfosso. This first conference for the year was merged with a book launch, which brought together the cream of Administrative, academic and traditional leaders who graced the occasion with their presence. The conference was punctuated with speeches and keynote addresses which went in line with the main theme for the conference “Linguistic and cultural Diversity, Social dynamics and problematic of development in Cameroon”. Moderated by Dr. Alexandre Djimeli, lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages, the ball was set rolling by the Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences Prof Tsalefack Maurice who gave a word of welcome to participants, declaring open the conference. The floor was then given to the Executive Secretary of CERDOTOLA Prof. Charles BINAM BIKOI represented by Prof Marie Anne Ndongo, a seasoned linguist from the University of Yaoundé 1. In her Expose, Prof Ndongo set to revisit the problem of cultural identity of Africa through discourse equally bringing to light the fact that while issues of language disappearance are evoked that of emerging languages should also be looked into. The head of Department for African Studies, Prof. Nforbi Emmanuel on his part gave an expose on the topic “The University of Dschang and promotion of Cameroonian languages and cultures”.  He unveiled vital information about the department from its history, specializations, topics treated, impact of its outreach and perspectives. Worth noting was the fact that the department born in 1996 over the past 20 years boasts of over 300 post graduate students, 15 PhD theses with over eighty works mostly concerned with the grass fields. The phase of keynote addresses was crowned by Prof. Beban Chumbow, Board chair of the University of Dschang and President of African Languages ACALAN. With expertise as a linguist acquired over decades, Prof Chumbow gave an expose on the title “ Ethnolinguistic  diversity  and  the  role  of  social  cohesion  in  the  enterprise  of  national  development” stressing on the fact that cultural diversity is riches and that social cohesion an asset to every nation can be acquired through tolerance.

Book Launching

The Grassfields of Cameroon from Culture to Human Development

The launching of the book titled “The Grassfields of Cameroon from Culture to Human Development” stood out as one of the salient moments during the conference. Though Prof Chumbow who co-prefaced the book had in his expose revealed the fact that “the book gives  an insightful multidimensional perception and exploration of several angles of the trajectories of the sociological realities of the grassfield”. Prof Lilian Atanga Lem, Head of Department of linguistics and African Languages of the Faculty of Arts, University of Bamenda during her presentation brought out the outstanding facts about the book in the lecture note. This entailed the number of pages, sections, brief notions evoked in the chapters, authors, themes etc. With 448 pages, 35 chapters etc the book the Grassfields of Cameroon From Culture to Human Development as Prof Lem described, stands out as the first piece that has brought together languages, cultures and history of the Bamelike people. Prof Jean Romain Kouesso co- scientific editor of the book took up the floor and first of all gave honour to Prof. Zacharia SAHA with whom he worked hand in glove as editors to ensure the book existed. Prof Kouesso made known all the processes put in place by the editors, prefacers, authors, and experts to ensure the book had the magnitude intended. He expressed gratitude to all the lecturers, traditional rulers, historians and university dons who through their incessant support made the The Grassfields of Cameroon from Culture to Human Development a dream come true. Lecturers, students and knowledge thirsty participants had the opportunity to purchase the book during the ceremony at the sum of 15.000 FRS a piece. During the closing remarks the representative of the Executive Secretary of CERDOTOLA ,Prof Marie Anne Ndongo expressed joy in the interest shown by the university community on issues on language, she assured the traditional chiefs that CERDOTOLA is with them and counts on them for the development of the nation and promised to forward the plea of the administration to the right quarters. The Vice-Chancellor on his part represented by Prof Jean Njoya Deputy Vice-Chancellor thanked the Faculty of Letters, the panellists, and participants for making sure the conference was a success. He praised the diversity of knowledge released through the conference which will the more be propelled by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, next host of the conference./ GC

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