Fruitful collaboration with the University of Cologne

Dschang,UDs/SIC-21/02/19.The Chancellery hall of the University of Dschqng played host to the delegation from the University of Cologne headed by Prof Brockmeier:  The main agenda that featured during their one hour visit at the Chancellery was discussions on the partnership and laying grounds on fields of collaboration by the two universities. During the brief ceremony, the Vice Chancellor represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research, Cooperation and Relations with the Business World VRCOME/UDs; Prof Metou Brusil Miranda was elated to welcome their august guest; she traced the collaboration with the University of Cologne back to 2015 which resulted to a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities. She lauded the friendship that was knitted since then. Good tidings had then characterized the relationship as the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, major beneficiary of this trip was created barely two months after the visit of the Dschang delegation to Cologne on September 2017. Referring to the Faculty of Medicine as one that dreams big Prof Metou Brusil wished an ever fruitful relationship between the two universities. Prof Brockmeier  in his turn was pleased to announce that the MoU; between his university and the University of Dschang was actually signed by him on behalf of the Rector of the university of Cologne “that was a starting point of steps of cooperation. We are here for detailed discussions being aware of the wonderful cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine in Dschang and the University of Cologne. Significant support in finance and man power will come in, but the most important at this time is to focus on how and when this support will be dished out” the head of the German delegation declared.   One of the important phases during the meeting was the discussions which clearly disclosed the University of Cologne’s supportive plans for UDs. The team from the University of Cologne especially through the mouthpiece of Dr. Filomain Nguemo made it clear that they are ready to assist but the type of program and their content will be suggested by UDs. However, Dr. Benjamin Kockemann was glad to disclose an interesting program designed for their cooperation which is focusing on the digital cooperation in lecturing and equally provide hardware and software in learning. With that students can communicate with lecturers and experts from Cologne on common grounds. With this interesting information, the meeting at the Chancellery came to a close while the delegation moved to the premises of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences were work sessions where scheduled. Other working sessions followed and what stood clear was that the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Dschang was in for a long lasting and fruitful cooperation with the University of Cologne which will boost their quest for excellence/GC


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