Family picture after the selection exercise


Dschang-UDs-SIC-27/03/17: An 18 man committee, made up of a cross-section of a plethora of ministerial representation in the Menoua Division and top personnel’s from UDs, met this 27 March 2017 at at the International House to deliberate on the selection of the 20 best projects to be incubated, out of the 35 pre-selected projects in the CATI2-UDs. This meeting was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA),Prof  Mvondo Ze Antoine and moderated by the vision holder of CATI2- Prof Tchamba Martin and in attendance was the delegate of Small and Medium size Enterprises, Mme Mache Sylvie, the Divisional Delegate of Youth Affairs, Mr Lepatouo Hiliare, the Divisional Delegate of Mines and Technological Development, Mr Fifen Ousseni, the Divisional President of the National Youth Council, the representative of NOFIA BANK, Mr Tadah Talla Romeo, Mr Nsanu Lionel as well as representatives from all the faculties of the University . After 3 hours of deliberation, candidates were selected, based on gender, educational status, the project ideas, and the presentation of the project as well as the budget.  15 projects pertaining to students of the university and 5 projects pertaining to non-students were selected; these projects were mostly in the domains of services, agricultural production, food and agricultural transformation, ICTs, technology and arts. Each of them will undergo 7 months of incubation, mentorship and coaching by CATI2-UDs. /

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