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Offers material and technical support worth 3.5 million to 9 of its startups

Dschang,UDs/SIC-25/03/21. In its strive to promote entrepreneurship in the country, the Support Centre for Technology, Incubation and Innovation (CATI2-UDs) under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dschang, Prof. Roger TSAFACK NANFOSSO and Coordinator, Prof Martin Tchamba, offers a financial and technical  support in the form of material assistance to the tune of  3.5million CFA to 9 startups at their final phase from the two cohorts of CATI²-UDs Startup week Challenge of 2019 and the CATI²-UDs Startup Master Class of 2020•

During the first phase, slated for the towns of Dschang and Bafoussam, a 4-man technical team from CATI2-UDs representing the Coordinator proceeded on the 25th March 2021, to present officially the material support.  The first beneficiary, Kemmeni Hymette, CEO of Agro Eco Fraise situated at Tsingbue received material support for strawberry construction bins in order to increase the production. Bafoussam, which was the next location, saw the presentation of materials to 3 beneficiaries, E-KANT headed by KAMGANG TCHOUNPENG MARTIAL, received material support of equipment for the production of bags. POWER GREEN Sarl situated at Kamkop and headed by DJOUKOUO DASSI NADIA received material equipment (iron, cement, tiles, etc.) in order to boost the construction of a Power Biogas model and finally, UNED Cameroon (GIC) headed by Mr FELIX TUMAJU was offered material support for the construction of a fish tank with an integrated system.

It is worth noting that this offer is for the acceleration of the development of these startups and takes into account the specificities of startups. It also serves as collateral for credit guarantee from financial institutions for others and helps the entrepreneurs to position themselves as leaders in their various sectors of activity at the national and sub region. The material  support to the tune of  3,500,000 FCFA is distributed as follows: 1,550,000 FCFA for the 2019 cohort and 1,950,000 FCFA for the 2020 cohort with 2 startups benefiting in Dschang, 3 in Bafoussam,1 in Yaoundé and 3 in Ebolowa. To ensure transparency in the presentation of this material support, CATI2-UDs, ensured that the selected entrepreneurs issue a statement of needs accompanied by a pro forma invoice for the amount allotted, after verification, the Coordinator of CATI²-UDs through a team is responsible to pay against an invoice issued by the service provider. Together with the contractor, the CATI²-UDs sets a date for the official delivery of this support at the enterprise’s headquarters.

Nonetheless, CATI2-UDs continues with its vision in  supporting young entrepreneurs in the days ahead and 4 enterprises  in Yaoundé and Ebolowa are next on their agenda  to receive their material support./



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