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UDs loses supremacy at the 5000m

Bamenda-SIC/UDs-23/04/17.University games Bamenda 2017, the athletics squad entered day 2 action today in the following, 200m series both men and women series and finals, 400m series both men and women finals, 5000m series men finals, relay 4* 100m series both men and women, finals for long jump men, finals for discus throw women, finals for short put men.

The hopes of UDs to reiterate her supremacy as title holder of the gold medal for the 5000m men’s race came to an end when Temezeu Pierre was forced to abandon the race just after the first round. Unfortunately this unique athlete suffered an injury last evening while preparing for the race and as such couldn’t perform as expected.

Unlike yesterday where the athletic squad harvested 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals, today was a dark day with only one bronze medal obtained by UDs as Neboo Kevine clichéd the medal at the female discus. Nevertheless hopes remained high as the athletes for both men and women in the 4 x 100m relay series namely Voufo Arnaul Dumas, Eyango Christain, Dempowo Valouche, Ayuk Takuson and Edjangmoua Mbella Adeline, Tsobze Vianny, Nebou Kevine, Nkemi Eroume respectively all qualified for the finals which are going to take place tomorrow April 25th 2017.DT

   Fixtures for Monday 24th April 2017 for athletics 

5OOOm finals for ladies, 800m finals both men and ladies,800m aerodynamic finals for ladies,1500m aerodynamic finals for men, 4 by 100m finals for both men and ladies, high jump finals for females, javelin finals for men and triple high jump finals for men.

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