21st Edition of University Games


Colourful kick-off

Maroua,UDs /SIC-04/05/18.The 2018 edition of university games kick started yesterday in a ceremony rich in pump and fair in the Kongola campus of the University of Maroua, and was presided over by the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders ,Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Bidoung MKpatt, the Minister of Communication, Issa Chiroma Bakari. Four speeches punctuated the event: the government delegate to the Maroua Urban Council, Mr Bakari Robert, the Rector of the University of Maroua, Prof Idrissou Alium, the President of the conference of heads of university institutions and president of the national federation of university sports, FENASU, Prof Aurelien Sosso, who lauded Prof Idrissou Alium and his collaborators for the determination to ensure that the games hold at the schedule date that is 04/05/2018. He also expressed gratitude of FENASU and sponsors while specifically thanking MTN for it’s 14years collaboration and also welcoming Orange and NEXTTEL which is a sign of the real implementation of the new orientation of FENASU which is to geared towards diversifying partnerships in a spirit of healthy competition. Launching the 21st edition of the games, the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo announced for the nearest future the distribution of the Paul Biya Higher Education vision computers to students of Maroua, Ngaoundere and those of higher private institutions of learning. He also announced the payments of the presidential excellent award and this is in accordance with measures taken by the Minister of finance. Other key punctuations include the lighting of the Olympic flame by Kolaigue Victor former wrestler and regional delegate of sports for the Far North region accompanied by an athlete of the University of Maroua, the games anthem by the university choir and the orchestra, the beautiful choreography portraying the culture of the mandarin characterized the parade and the march pass of the participating delegations. The oath taking ceremonial by an athlete who forgot her text but none the less was encouraged by the public, a trainer and a technical official. The launching foot ball encounter that pitted the host university to the University Institute of the Cote ended in a 2-2 score.

Worth noting here is the fact that the 21st edition of the university games is holding under the theme  » the university games, for the promotion of peace, national cohesion for a united Cameroon in its diversity “, more so the campus of Kongola is hosting 4075 participants, 11 sporting disciplines, 2663, athletes, 480, fan’s clubs athletes, 359, trainers, 309, technical officials, and more than 100 heads of delegations amongst which are those from sister and friendly foreign countries. Also participating in these games are students from ENS Bongo of Ndjamena and the University of Ndjamena whose medals won will not be taken in to account for their participation is exhibitional. DT

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