2016/17 sports season

Kick off in FMBEE, Ebolowa

Dschang-SIC/03/01/17. As a protraction of the spirit of collective dynamism and inclusiveness, the VC and members of the Chancellery Council decided to launch the 2016/17 sports season in the UDs campus of Ebolowa on the 6th January 2017. This is the first time ever that  the campus and town of Ebolowa will be graced with such an unique opportunity, as was the case with the campus of Bandjoun last year. All preparations have been ongoing for almost a forth night now, with the personnel of DCOU and FMBEE Ebolowa holding series of meetings and the athletes are on top gear. The communication arsenal of UDs has also been relentless to make this occasion splendid

What is new in this stride?

Expanse: For the first time ever the sports season will be launched in a Region other than the West Region. This year’s sports season will be launched at more than 400 km from Dschang. The VC, staff and sports personnel alongside students will travel all the way to Ebolowa for this event.

Groundbreaking: UDs as usual has set the pace for others to emulate. This year’s sports season is atypical as it is not only a students’ affair, but an affair touching all the strata of personnel. Since Last November, the long awaited inter-institution games (JIE) and the Inter-service Championship (CIS) animated the campuses of UDs, mobilizing students and staff to compete among them in the spirit of fairplay.

Citius, Altius, Fortius : This year’s Olympic season shall adopt the credo of olympism (Faster, Higher, Stronger.), anticipating to be more performing than ever, but keeping in spirit the Olympic dogma stated by the father of olympism, Baron Pierre de Coubertin “the most important thing in a game is not the triumph, but the fight. The most essential is not to have won, but to have fought well” and so shall it be.

Delocalization of Radio-Campus: A special team of radio-campus has been deployed to Ebolowa, to set up a radio-campus station of the university, the first of its kind in an antenna. It is a step to greater heights as the 2017 year kicks off with innovations at the sporting level. All roads hereby lead to Ebolowa come the 6th of January 2016/.MRZ

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