Meanwhile in Ebolowa…

The Governor of the South Region Receives the UDs delegation.

Dschang/SIC-05-01-17: The UDs Chancellery Council was received hilariously by the Governor of the South Region, M. Nguele Nguele Felix at his residence in the Government Residential Area (GRA) of Ebolowa. This brief courtesy meeting was to pay homage to the Region’s premier and an opportunity to present the team piloting UDs to the Governor. The Governor on his part lauded the VC and his team  for taking time off their tight schedules to come to Ebolowa, in what he called ‘a once in a life time event in the town of Ebolowa’. He went further to reassure and confirm his presence at the launching of the sports season. As the tradition holds in UDs, the Governor was offered a special artefact from the fine arts institute of Foumbam,  to mark and immortalize their passage in the city of Martin Paul Samba. /

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