Scientific and Cultural open door week 2016/2017


UDs showcases prowess

Dschang, SIC/UDs-27/10/16. The University of Dschang on the 27th of October 2016 launched its Scientific and Cultural week for the year 2016/2017.This event which runs to the 3rd November 2016 celebrates the scientific and cultural richness of the university through various expositions, displays, scientific conferences, animations by various faculties and institutions as well has presentations of innovations and inventions by students and staff. The main campus of the university is in a colourful display as tents mounted by different institutions and faculties display recent scientific achievements in their respective fields. The Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso during a tour at the stands alongside members of the Chancellery Council and dignitaries from the Division applauded the colourful and inspiring innovations presented by the different faculties.
scientificandculturalopendoorweek2016-2017The Institute of Fine Arts exhibits their undiluted creativity in paintings, graffiti, and sculpture among other skilful displays that amazed students and visitors as they availed themselves the opportunity to engrave such paintings on themselves. The Faculty of Sciences carried out free aids test to help students know their status as well as the presentation of publications among other enlightening discoveries. The Faculty of law presented book exhibitions as well as the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences. The Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences and the Dschang School of Arts and Social Sciences presented book reviews, elements on Cartography and film projections. The FASA/UDs is also present with its display of agricultural products and scientific innovations in the field of agronomy and agricultural sciences. The University medical center, micro finances  among other agencies are accompanying the University in enlightening the students on an update on scientific changes The event will also be marked by expositions of laboratory equipment and animation from the various faculties and by some university groups such as the University theatre group, the University choir among others as the week unfolds .This week will not only showcase the scientific prowess of the University but also foster research, cultural unity and social cohesion between the staff and students of the university of Dschang./
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