Closing ceremony of FETUC 2016


Resolutions propel national integration

Dschang,SIC/UDs -28/10/16.The Student Forum of Cameroon Universities held in the university conference hall from the 27-28th of October 2016  came to an end with participants from the various State and private  institutions  of Higher learning satisfied with the proposed resolutions and recommendations advocated during the 2 day forum. They lauded the Head of State for placing trust in the youths as they were harbingers for national integration, patriotism and vectors of development. During the occasion, the students through different rapporteurs of the two workshops presented the restitution of activities, recommendations and resolutions and the final declaration status of the forum. They pledge to adhere to the new university governance, professionalism and hoped that all regions be given universities. They applauded the results of social dialogue and the exchange which was geared at developing the nation. They sympathised with the Eseka railway victims and called on students to donate blood to help the victims and to stand firm against acts of terrorism. Earlier on, the Mayor of Dschang, Represented expressed satisfaction of a successful forum held in Dschang and the contribution of the University of Dschang to uplift the town. The Mayor expressed joy that the theme chosen symbolizes a development that resists challenges in the society. Poetically describing Dschang as a place to be and lauding its hospitability (2nd most hospitable town in Cameroon), the mayor called on the freshmen of the University to feel at home. He equally reiterated the fact that the doors of Dschang remain continually open for more of such great forum. The interactive buying levitra ed online canada session with the students was moderated by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang and insights on burning questions presented by the students was handled by the Technical Adviser to the Minister of Higher Education.

MINESUP exalts Forum

Youths called upon to be messengers of peace

The Minister of Higher Education represented by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang, Prof Roger Tsafack  Nanfosso in his closing speech of the FETUC 2016  expressed gratitude to the students and described the interactive session as inspiring, calling on them to be duty conscious for the development of the nation. He lauded the outcome of the forum and emphasized that the questions, reports and contributions from the students show the level of maturity; a tool for national integration and hence a better Cameroon. The Minister added that the one student one computer programme initiated by the Head of State was as a result of the resolutions from the Student Forum of Cameroon universities. He further reiterated that the 500,000 computers for State and private students of Higher Institutions was to be accompanied by the construction of digital support centers in the State universities to foster inter connectivity of universities and boost research. The Minister assured the students on the preparation of modalities put in place to distribute the computers to students and the bonuses of excellence which was already being paid in some State Universities. The Minister concluded that the 2 day reflection should promote the spirit of patriotism and called on students to be messengers of peace and dialogue./

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