UDs to host the CRUFAOCI


The SG assures all is set in a Press briefing

Yaoundé UDs/SIC-The University of Dschang will on the 19th to 23rd February 2018 play host to the Conference of Rectors of French speaking Universities in Africa and the Indian Ocean. To that effect, the Secretary General of African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES) and Permanent Secretary of the Conference of Rectors of French speaking universities and the Indian Ocean, Prof Bertrand Mbatchi gave a press point last February 8th 2018 at the German-African Scientific Cooperation Centre in Yaoundé in prelude to the event.

Speaking at the press point, Prof Bertrand Mbacthi enlightened the media present on the following

  • Presentation of CRUFAOCI : the genesis, its missions, and its projects
  • The choice of Cameroon in general and Dschang in particular to host the conference
  • CRUFAOCI and the development of training and research within member countries
  • CRUFAOCI, contribution to state growth and challenges.

CRUFAOCI according to Prof Mbatchi, is a continental network that had its first charter in 1973. In 2005 the various text were revised in order to the institution a new face lift. Worthy of note is the fact that the institution is made of three groups namely, West Africa, Central Arica, and the Indian Ocean. As per the choice of Dschang to host the conference, Prof Mbatchi stressed the fact that UDs is the first university found in a division which is a particularity and is found in 5 agro-ecological zones of the country. More so, Cameroon is a bilingual country and the University is more advanced than other universities as far as bilingualism is concerned and is a time when CAMES is valorising the English language, as such this will be an opportunity for the Council to learn more.  For the conference of Dschang, close to ten universities have already indicated their participation the Permanent Secretary stated. During the conference of Dschang, rectors will take part in a training work shop on capacity reinforcement on leadership and governance with emphasis on quality insurance. It is worth noting that the conference seeks to establish and propose action programs to member governments in order to:

            Strengthen cooperation between its members universities and cooperation institutions ( AUF, AUA,IAU, UNESCO etc)

            Establish exchange links between the heads of universities and member institutions to promote permanent consultation between its members and the CAMES.

            To strengthen regional cooperation for African integration in research and training in higher education

            Identify and establish regional pole of excellence in higher education institutions and member universities amongst others.

The press point was attended by 27 media officials who exchanged at length with the permanent secretary of CRUFAOCI after his introductory speech.

By the 19th to 23rd February 2018 the University definitely be a breeding ground for exchange of ideas at an international level.

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