UDs at the 57th Edition of the National Youth Day


 568 Students participate in the renewed commitment

            Dschang,UDS/SIC-11/02/23.The 2023 National Youth day celebration witnessed the participation of the largest and most national institution in the Division once again. Based on this year’s theme: Youth, moral, civic and entrepreneurship rearmament, a guarantee for discipline in building a united and prosperous Cameroon”, UDs joined the nation in echoing its commitment in brewing the desires of the Head of State through training.

With the general theme centered on aspects surrounding peace, unity, professionalism, entrepreneurial skills among other virtues, the march pass was characterised by a mammoth showcased these aspects through dressings, songs and banners. Key facets such as united we stand, leaders of tomorrow, builders of the state, we are one, work together in peace were the chants of the nursery, primary and secondary schools during the parade.

During the passage of the University of Dschang, its principal banner carried was tagged Crucible of civic values for the preservation of peace and living together, this was followed by the university majorette and fanfare. The Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences in their green robes kick started with the banner reading Responsible youth, dynamic youth, and conscious youth, let’s take up the challenge of living together in discipline, The Faculty of Economics and Management had Entrepreneurship and innovation, factor of social peace, gauge of a competitive economy. The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences showcased their values through the message Students let’s be lawyers with integrity, Civic values constitute the basis of all sustainable development.

The Faculty of Science had as message: the youth of the University of Dschang voluntarily pledge to work for an inclusive and sustainable development of our motherland as well as the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences in their blue overall expressed: agricultural entrepreneurship: lever for building a united and prosperous Cameroon

   The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences had : training of health professionals, a lever for development a challenge that the FMPS/UDs must undertake. Students of the CEMAC ZONE followed suit in their T-shirts, as well as those from IUT/FV Bandjoun in suits, IBA in blue sports wears. They had as message : Young people and respect for … in the university environment, pledge of a strong and prosperous nation.

CRESA Yaoundé and Annex Bafia had as message: Fruitful agronomic research to meet the challenge of food security in Cameroon. The Cultural clubs then had their passage with the message: Cultural diversity is a wealth, an asset for the development of Cameroon let us be proud and finally, the  Sporting unit made of a cross sections of athletes had: University sport, factor of national integration and promotion of patriotic values. At the end of the ceremony , the Faculty of Letters and Social sciences was awarded a certificate of excellence as the best faculty  and higher institution during the march pass session./

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