The preparative phase of the 5th inter-Faculty Championship


Reignitingthe sporting sphere

Dschang UDs/SIC-13/10/2021. The preparative phase of the 5th inter-Faculty championship at UDs took place on Wednesday 13th of October 2021 at the University Auditorium of the main campus. This meeting for the preparative phase of the 5th Faculty championship brings together the sporting corps of students of the university as well as some private institutes of higher learning under the tutelage of the University of Dschang. As early as 9:30 am there was already the arrival and installation of participants, followed by a presentation of the program by the Director of Student’s Welfare; presentation of sports and cultural infrastructure of all the private institutes, presentation of projects by the chief of Service of Sports, exchanges, choice of activities and dates, elaboration and reading of resolutions, miscellaneous were the agenda of the day.

This competition touches on different disciplines of sports, culture and arts which will include athletics, basketball, football, handball, judo, vocal and musical arts, physical and visual arts, dramatic arts, fan club just among others. These games have as objective, the animation of the campus and detection of talents for the University games. In essence, it is a platform to showcase talents amongst students. It advocates for the spirit of friendliness, solidarity and sharing through sports and cultural goals. The competition places students at the center of activities either as players, artists, supporters, sports or cultural delegates.

The first edition of the competition took place during the 2016-2017 Academic year after the Vice Chancellor’s competition which was itself preceded by inter-Faculties championship which have both greatly contributed to build great talents in the University of Dschang. It is supervised by the Vice-Chancellor and coordinated by the Director of Student’s Welfare. Since 2016 the pace that was set by this first edition has been followed by the subsequent editions until today that the 5th edition is being  prepared. The ceremony folded up with light refreshments and a family picture to immortalize the event. L.D

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