The Dschang Humboldt Kolleg, the 2021 session at UDs


Looking at the world beyond the COVID 19 Pandemic

Dschang,UDs/SIC-20/10/21.The Dschang Humboldt Kolleg 2021 session took place on Wednesday the 20th October 2021 at the University Auditorium. This session which started at 1:00 pm prompt under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang, Professor Roger Tsafack Nanfosso rallied experts from diverse domains under the theme ‘Refraiming the world after the Covid 19 pandemic, the contribution of African Academics’ from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2021. After the arrival and installation of the different participants the event kick started with a word from the president of the organizing committee of the Dschang Humboldt Kolleg represnted by the Scientific Ambassador Professor Léon AZEFACK TAPONDJOU who welcomed the various participants in their different capacities coming from far and near. He gave a brief history of the Humboldt Kolleg  which was created in 2008 and later reinforced  in 2009 in Yaoundé. The aim, he said is to foster the Alexander Humboldt Foundation by making the Foundation’s program more visible to young researchers in Cameroon in particular and the world at large; to facilitate all forms of Scholarly exchanges between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Cameroon; to establish and maintain fruitful contacts  between the Cameroonian  Humboldtian and Alexander Foundation Association to ensure a scientific collaboration between them; to promote research and contribute to the search of solutions to problems of National development.

Thereafter  a word from the secretary General of the Association of Humboldtian of Cameroon by Professor Kouam Fogue Simeon followed suit. Emphasizing on the importance  of the august session , he saluted the joint efforts of the entire University community that aims at looking at the world beyond the COVID 19 pandemic. The role of Africa in the struggle against this plight cannot be over emphasized he stated, which of course is the reason why Cameroonian Humboldtians are bringing their own contribution to the table. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dschang represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Njoya Jean (VREPTIC) gave a word. On his part, he mentioned that its an honour to have the entire University corps represented from students, Lecturers, Administrative personnel in their different ranks and echelons in the main University auditorium. Talking about the effects of the pandemic, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor said  they are palpable and it accounts for the reason numerous meetings have been held in the University of Dschang in bid to sensitize the population. The focus of the joint efforts of the National and international Humboldtians is to provide solutions to the world’s problems to which Covid 19 is central today and again to identify different opportunities that handle future health problems and the well-being of the entire human race. The turnout was massive as it recorded over 100 participants. In an interview granted to the media the Deputy Vice-Chancellor mentioned that ‘the bilateral relationship between Cameroon and Germany has taken a remarkable step forward through joint efforts between the University of Dschang and the Humboldt Foundation in Germany’ .’This is a dream come true‘ the Secretary General says, as the world is called upon to look beyond the plight. Kenmoe Wilsons submitted his satisfaction to have participated in this scientific gathering whlie Kouam Elodie says ‘though a blessing, she looks forward to seeing an increase in the number of participants in the subsequent sessions as the theme of the meeting is very timely. A Family picture was then taken by all the participants to immortalize the first day of the conference. LD   

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