Scientific Board meeting of the Post Graduate School


The 6th session strategizes on the way forward

Dschang,UDs/SIC-13/10/21. The Council Conference hall of the University of Dschang played host to the 6th session of the scientific board meeting of the Post Graduate School for the 2021/2022 academic year, today 13th October 2021.  The essence of such a meeting is to auto evaluate the performance of the Post Graduate School; discuss scientific animation programs, innovative disciplines and the selection of candidates into Post graduate school among others.

Presided over by Prof Roger Tsafack, President of the Council underscored satisfaction from the pedagogic and research team of the University as the 2021/2022 academic unfolds and reiterated the value of responsibility.

He appreciated the contributions of the 36 unit research heads that bolster the institution’s scientific cadence as well the newly appointed officials who join him in the smooth running of the institution.

 With the 697 lecturers in the university including the 63 newly recruited and about 5,500 pre-registered candidates, statistics  for  2020/2021 academic year ,indicate that the Post Graduate School welcomed 4,148 students, 2,319 (1,129 in Master II, -794  in research, and 1,035 in professional programme. At the end of the academic year 2,115 academic works were finalized in which 303 thesis were defended, 804 Master research dissertations, 1008 Professional dissertation and 201 engineering dissertations (FASA) obtained.

 With an increase in the number of Professional Masters candidates than in research program as of the previous year there is a remarkable drop in PhD candidates from 2,406 in 2019 /2020 to 2,319 in 2020/2021 academic year respectively .Such results indicate an effective implementation of the laid down texts and regulations governing the management of the Post Graduate cycle.

 During the 6th session , discussions on  the  approval of the minutes of the meetings of the fifth session of October 20th  and 22nd , 2020, state of implementation of the resolutions and recommendations of the 5th  sessions of the Post Graduate Scientific Council , presentation of key  academic statistics of the Post Graduate School for the 2020/2021 year, analysis of the  academic progress in the various cycles of research and the deregistering of defaulting students, the presentation of projects by the Dschang Schools( training disciplines, research programme and scientific activities ) for the 2021/2022 year, examining documents of the candidates for admission into Master II and PhD, other matters and finally the reading and validation of the final press release after the working session./

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