Professional Masters in Applied Geology, Mines and Petroleum


Recruitment of 60 first year students

Dschang-SIC/UDs-13/07/17. In conformity with the decision of the Vice chancellor N°G13/0360/UDS/R/VR-EPTIC of 30th June 2016, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Dschang informs the public that for the year 2017/2018 academic year, it recruits 60 first year masters students of the Professional Master Programme in Applied Geology, Mines and petroleum of the Faculty of Sciences. Cameroonian and foreign students of both sexes are eligible to apply, be a holder of a degree in mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, ITC, Earth science or a professional degree in Applied Geology, Mines and petroleum, or any degree deemed equivalent.Registration is done online and documents for candidature deposited at the admissions office of the faculty of sciences of the University of Dschang (Main building Campus C, door 232A) at working hours. Documents to deposit include:éléchargez le communiqué en français Download Press release in English


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