Presentation of New Year wishes to VC


The Registrar UDs shakes hands with the VC during the ceremony

An Atmosphere of conviviality

Dschang,UDs/SIC-03-02-17.The entire university community in unison expressed their wishes for a prosperous year to their boss, the man at the helm of the Dschang University, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso on the 3rd February 2017. This edition of the annual event which began at 10:55 a.m at the amphi 1000 had as salient moments homage for retired UDs staff, award of prizes to meritorious workers, presentation of promoted staff, keynote addresses of the University Registrar and Vice Chancellor and presentation of New Year wishes proper.

The New Year wishes ceremony was equally an occasion, to be remembered by some staff who had reached the term of their work career and were due for retirement. During this session conducted the DAAF, Mr. Noutchieu, honor was given to the 19 retired staff who during the occasion received a symbolic token of an amount equivalent to a month’s salary. Mr. Noutchieu during that session seized the opportunity to share some achievements by the VC especially as concerned the wellbeing of staff. The VC’s incessant work to encouraging staff was corroborated during the ceremony as 8 meritorious workers from the various faculties received congratulatory words and attestations for hard work from the institution. As this old tradition was being revived, the DAAF called on other staff to emulate the examples of these colleagues who had distinguished themselves positively through their hard work, punctuality and assiduity. The presentation of promoted staff followed in the same light by the DAAC/UDs Prof. Kabayene Veronique Kamgang who proudly took over this session. She disclosed the fact that 2016 was most fruitful as the university registered the highest number of 74 promoted staff 36 as senior lecturers, 24 as associate professors and 14 to the rank of professors a mark of excellence. The retired staff, meritorious workers and promoted lecturers received a congratulatory handshake from the VC with picture sessions to keep the bond alive.

The University Registrar Prof. Edande Ebolo Marthe in her address wished the VC and family a great year. She described the previous year as excellent as the spirit of collective dynamism was greatly practiced. Mentioned key achievements of the just ended year in the domains of staff progress, infrastructure, implementing the BMD system etc, she equally gave future perspectives for UDs and as a spokesperson for staff, called on the VC to continue his good works in ensuring sanitation and infrastructure for staff and student. She equally asked the staff to increase their sense of respect for ethics, and strive to promote the spirit of collective dynamism. The VC on his part expressed great joy and satisfaction for the achievements witnessed thanks to the spirit of togetherness exhibited by his staff. Though much had been attained he promised to put in much to foster the growth of UDs counting on the collaboration of his staff to satisfy the 25084 registered students of his institution. The VC lauded the efforts of his staff who ensured the success of the 35 colloquiums, 17 conventions signed last year. Partnering with 29 institutions, the VC gave a picture of a University of great progress as 9224 certificates signed will be awarded for students in due time. He then shared his wishes of success, prosperity and excellence to the staff and students.

The New Year wishes proper was then launched by the University registrar who offered a bouquet of flower to the VC on behalf of the University. This was followed by the different services, faculties and schools, it was a moment of great celebration and joy as staff took turns to shake hands with the VC offering their best wishes for the year. The 2017 edition of New Year wishes to the VC indeed opened up a new phase of solidarity and cooperation which is a prerequisite for the success and excellence expected during this academic year./GF

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