Medal presentation ceremony, U Games Bamenda 2017


Medallist pose with Vc during the ceremony

The thrives of UDs applauded

Dschang-UDs-SIC-07/06/17: After the finals of the 1st inter service championship (CISUDS) organized under the Vice Chancellor’s administration, the entire university community converged in the University auditorium for yet another sports rendez-vous, which was the medal presentation ceremony. This routine ceremony which is aimed at showcasing  the achievements of UDs during UGames was presided by the highly peppy and charismatic VC, Prof Tsafack Nanfosso, who most at times appears shrewder than athletes. This ceremony started with an eloquent speech from the DCOU, Mr Ebendeng Valere, who summarily gave a rundown of UDs preparation and participation in the just ended UGames. Though he pointed out some hitches like non participation in friendly encounters before the games, he went further to extol the fact that UDs was still able to maintain the position it had last year. After the DCOU’s welcome speech, the Chef DASA, Mr DJOUM K. Richard then presented the athletes, pointing out the fact that UDs won a total of 24 medals and 07 of them in Gold. But impressively, UDs had the best result in collective sports (02 gold medals). After the presentation of the athletes and their medals, the trainers were then presented, with special emphasis on the fact that 04 of them were appointed as head coaches of national teams. This ceremony ended with a closing remark from the VC who heartily thanked all the athletes and trainers and promised that the university will always be ready to take its athletes to the highest heights. He ended up by reminding the athletes that they should not forget that their academics is primordial./MZR

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