UDs holds its 54th University Senate. 

Dschang,UDs/SIC-08/07/24.The Prof. Gibering Bol Alima Conference Hall today, July 8, 2024, hosts the University Senate, which is presided over by the President, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, Rector of  the University of Dschang. This meeting has an 11-point agenda, which  included: the approval of the minutes and resolutions of the 53rd session of the Senate meeting of December 19, 2023; a report on the status of implementation of the resolutions and recommendations of the 53rd ordinary session of the Senate of December 19, 2023; approval of the resolutions and recommendations of the 14th ordinary session of the Board of Directors of the IUT-FV of the UDs in Bandjoun from July 1, 2024; monitoring the process of creating certain academic structures within I’UDs (Departments, Research Centers, and Research Units); examination and validation of the resolutions and recommendations of the meeting of
UDs-HIPL coordination under its academic supervision from July 5, 2024, among others. During the 54th session of the University Senate, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso praised the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, for the continuous and rigorous follow-up of the institution’s activities.

He highlighted significant events that have marked the institution recently, including his appointment as President of  of FENASU/CONCIU and the recognition of Prof. Choukem Pierre, Dean of FMSP, as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

Prof. Nanfosso underscored the achievements of UD lecturers in the recent CCUI, with 54 promoted to senior lecturer, 35 to associate professor, and 17 to full professor, resulting in a success rate of 68.33%. He also commended UDs’ performance in the recent University Games, where they won 25 medals, showing improvement from previous years.

Since January 2024, 32 PhD theses have been defended, with more in progress. UDs now has a total of 500 lecturers, including 74 assistant lecturers, 293 senior lecturers, 198 associate professors, and 135 full professors, achieving a lecturer-to-student ratio of 1:29.

A wide range of scientific activities, including conferences, seminars, and round tables, have elevated the institution’s profile in recent months. The Rector called on members to contribute constructively to the institution’s growth as he emphasized on the rigorous deliberations on career profile of lecturers, and the validation of the graduation list from faculties. The Senate ironed out key implement of procedure in prelude to the Administrative Council scheduled to take place on the 10th July 2024.