Fight against COVID 19  


UDs Medical center receive COVID gift

Dschang,UDs/SIC-24/11/21.The University of Dschang through its Social Medical Center were happy beneficiaries of some materials as government measures to curb with the corona virus pandemic. The recent COVID gifts made up of 10 hospitalization beds were handed over to the Head of the Social Medical center Dr. Bilim Bee Joseph by Mr. Guimfack Dieudonne, UDs Stores Accountant on the 20th November 2021. This recent generous gesture was shortly preceded by the reception of medical equipment like binocular microscope with screen, electrical ophtamological set, instrument for sickle cell care, and office desk and chair for the university health center. The site itself had been renovated with new paint and a pavement thanks to the COVID funds. For the Head of the medical center Dr. Bilim is overjoyed as he states that this gift is very helpful and the hospitalization beds will help put staff and students during observation hours and keen medical attention.   It is worth noting that the Medical center situated in Campus B having two main buildings (Block A and B) is in charge of health needs of both students and staff. With these benefit of 100% and 80% health insurance coverage respectively offered by the University. With these COVID gifts offered the medical center is therefore more properly equipped not only to fight the deadly pandemic but any ailment which could be as an obstacle to the  University community as they seek  and maintain success/ GC

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