The baptism ceremony of new Foresters at UDs

Dschang,UDs/SIC-12/12/20.The  annual ceremony that initiates students into the Department of Forestry  for the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Science in the University of Dschang this year, took place from the 10th to the 12th of December 2020. This was under the theme the Forester: leader in times of crisis and major player in the preservation of Forest and biodiversity”. The ritual was observed for the 43 students promoted to level two, who had chosen the branch of Forestry for their next level in this department. For a period of three days educational discourses were held to open the students into the domain of Forestry alongside a military training to measure their physical aptitude, assiduity, rigor and loyalty. Saturday the 12th of December was consecrated for the military training, a 13km walk from Santchou to BOCCOM –Dschang, for the first phase and from BOCCOM to the Campus “A” of UDs. For the first three male students who crossed the finish line, Tchala Christophe, Donfack Ive and Domguia Franc respectively proved their physicality while for female students, Kouan Kang Merveille, Okpara Brenda and Tsafack Ingrid followed suite. Remarkable was the fact that all the participants arrived safe and sound.

The second phase of the program was for the award of certificates to the new Foresters and Forestry camouflage attire therewith. This was under the watchful eyes of the Head of Department Prof Martin Tchamba. Before his word of encouragement to the students, an opportunity was accorded to the student delegates of level three, four and five all of whom expressed satisfaction to have taken part in the ceremony. At the center of it all, physical aptitude, moral capacity, team spirit, excellence and professionalization were some of the catch phrases that were inculcated in to the minds of the young foresters. The Head of Department was thankful to the cooperate spirit of his collaborators  as he gave certificates of recognition to Major (Chief Warrant Officer) Nkemkeng Victor, Tassiamba Steve, Zanguim Herman, Tatang Maurice, Essam Joseph, Montchinon Herve, Nfono Axelle, Fosso Freddy, Badjel Dominique, Kikod Hyancithe, Mondoua Felicia, Ango Ernestine, Elono Stephanie and Mvoa Essono. Achombo Jean Borel a doctorate student of the Faculty expressed his delight to have been part of this exercise and promised to be there whenever duty calls. All the participants expressed satisfaction and a Family picture was taken at the end to immortalize the occasion and forge better strides to improve in future forestry policies and practices/ LD.

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