Cérémonie de proclamation officielle des résultats de fin d’année académique 2021/2022


 Discours du Recteur de l’Université de Dschang

Dschang,UDs/SIC-29/07/22… As this 2021/2022 academic year of the University of Dschang comes to an end, I applaud all who preceded me in making this academic cycle a success. It is with deep satisfaction that I laud all your collective efforts in ensuring that this academic triumph is celebrated in distinct style.

At this junction, after listening keenly to the various University dignitaries outline the road so far, I must only recall and reiterate the values and once again the victory of our collective dynamics, in ensuring a start and an end of an academic year…

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Discours – Proclamation des résultats 2022


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