CATI2-UDs Start-up Week Challenge



The launching of the second edition of the CATI2-UDs startup Week took place on Tuesday 7th May 2019, in the Support Centre for Technology, Incubation and Innovation (CATI2) workshop hall of the University of Dschang, presided over by its coordinator, Professor Martin Tchamba. This has to do with selecting incubated projects from the second set of CATI2 students of the University of Dschang participating in the 2019 challenge. The objective is to select the best Start ups which will benefit from professional support. The program of the Start-Up week will begin with specific trainings.These training programs will be on themes related to public enterprise management, public relations, marketing and personal skills development etc. This is coupled with coaching sessions from professionals like Jacqueline Kamsu, winner of the Hilary Clinton Prize of African Entrepreneurship in USA and the 3rd prize of Junior Enterprise awarded during the 2017 CATI2-UDs startup week challenge. As part of the program, there is going to be a press conference of jury members this Thursday 9th May 2019 at mid-day. It will be closely followed at 2 :00pm by the 2019 Startup week challenge test. For 180 seconds the future entrepreneurs will have to wrestle in order to convince the constituted jury of renowned heads of enterprises. Their scores will be based on the pertinence, the innovating character and the feasibility of their entrepreneurial projects. It is after this Challenge that the 10 best Start Up projects will be known and awarded. They are expected to report to Bafoussam (CFCE) on Friday May 10th 2019 for the official creation of their Start -Up projects.

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